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Where would the world be without books? Stories that take us around the globe without leaving our armchair. Romances that make us believe in love, believe in miracles. And suspense that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Welcome to Frances Housden’s world, come in please and enjoy.

Over the years many readers have asked ‘Where do your ideas come from?’ With Bride from the Sea, I’m glad to be able to say that this time I actually know. The idea arrived after watching an episode of the Time Team on the History Channel. Instead of unearthing the detritus left in ruins by ancient inhabitants, in this episode they dived down to a Spanish ship that had been wrecked on the Northwest coast of Scotland, part of the Armada that was blown off course in a violent storm.

After lots of research into the Spanish Armada I began to wonder why my heroine would actually be on the ship and to develop her backstory as young Spanish ladies don’t normally sail into sea battles. I had lots of fun with exploring her past and as a result this might be the lightest of my Scottish historical novels. I hope you enjoy reading of Celestina’s adventures with my latest Highland hero, and of Niall’s efforts to take care of the bride who came to him from the sea.

The Chieftain's Curse

I would like to thank my many readers for the lovely reviews they gave my bestselling Escape Publishing ebook, The Chieftain’s Curse. This book was the first Scottish medieval romance that I wrote, and I’m happy to inform readers in Australia and New Zealand that a print version of The Chieftain’s Curse will be on sale from bookstores in those countries on September 1st published with a slightly more colourful cover by Harlequin MIRA.

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Chieftain by Command

From the bestselling, RITA nominated author Frances Housden comes the gripping, sensual, suspenseful follow-up to The Chieftain’s Curse…
Gavyn Farquhar’s marriage is forged with a double-edged blade. Along with the Comlyn clan’s lands, a reward from the King, he is blessed with an unwilling bride, Kathryn Comlyn, and an ancient fort with few defences that desperately needs to be fortified before it can act as a sufficient buffer between Scotland and the Norsemen on its northern borders.

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The Chieftain's Fued

He may be young, but Jamie Ruthven has earned a name as a skirt-lifter and seducer, though, to his credit he never touches an innocent. Then Evangeline Buchan comes to the Scottish court with her gentle heart and beautiful eyes, and sets his world askew.The feud between the Ruthvens and Buchans started long before Jamie’s birth, though neither he nor Evangeline know the reasons. Can their love reveal the secrets and heal the pain of the past, or will the feud prove too strong for even true love?

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Chieftain in the Making


The award-winning Chieftain series continues in a new, full-length novel about duty, determination and the power of love to heal all wounds.

Rob is the McArthur heir and is determined to prove himself, a resolve that leads to his capture in a battle on the wrong side of the Borders where he is held for ransom at Wolfsdale. He never expects to fall in love with Melinda La Mont, his Norman captor’s daughter, but payment of the ransom means their separation.

And though Rob may have lost his heart, he has kept his head and his secrets: La Mont’s manor belonged to his grandfather and Rob knows all of its mysteries.

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The Chieftain's Daughter


This is the first book in my Chieftain series where the saga continues through a McArthur heroine. Maggie McArthur was born at the end of book one and her character began to form in book four ‘Chieftain in the Making’ where Rob came into his own. The Chieftain’s Daughter isn’t one of my longer novels and the idea behind the story came from real historical events. I loved writing this book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Chieftain's Rebel


For a year, Rory has dreamed of a lass, a Norse lass, under the summer solstice moon. Unable to give voice to her name or recognise her face, he will never forget the feel of her skin, the scent of her hair, or the emotions she wrought inside him. So when war threatens between the Norse Clan at Caithness and the Irish, Rory rebels against his father and willingly puts his heart before his duty.

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