“A marvellous talent with a compelling voice, Frances Housden creates unforgettable, multi-faceted characters and captivating stories”. — Beverly Barton, New York Times Bestselling Author


 The Chieftain’s Curse 

Last in a direct male line, while still a young warrior, Euan earns the ire of a witch. She retaliates with a curse that no wife will ever bear him an heir. A threat he can’t ignore after the deaths in childbirth of his third wife and yet another bonnie son. His conscience dictates the curse must be broken before he can marry again. This makes no difference to his neighbours. Lairds, willing to sacrifice their daughters for an alliance with the McArthurs and Euan’s defiance has perilous consequences.

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Chieftain by Command

Bienn á Bhuird
Scotland  Year of Our Lord 1082

Chieftan_FinalFate, in the guise of King Malcolm Canmore, had sent Gavyn to this dark place—a high hall, a longhouse built of ancient logs weathered by wind and rain to the colour of aged pewter, a building more suited to the worship of Norse gods than a home for mere mortals.

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 The Chieftain’s Feud 

He may be young, but Jamie Ruthven has earned a name as a skirt-lifter and seducer, though, to his credit he never touches an innocent. Then Evangeline Buchan comes to the Scottish court with her gentle heart and beautiful eyes, and sets his world askew.

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 Chieftain In the Making

Rob is the McArthur heir and is determined to prove himself, a resolve that leads to his capture in a battle on the wrong side of the Borders where he is held for ransom at Wolfsdale. He never expects to fall in love with Melinda La Mont, his Norman captor’s daughter, but payment of the ransom means their separation.

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First of the Jellic Family Stories

Maggie Kovacs was the most enchanting woman Detective Max Strachan had ever met. She was also the most eccentric. Or was she? Max soon realized that the night-time visions Maggie claimed she saw supplied him with details that only the police – and a cunning serial killer – could possibly know…

A no-nonsense lawman like Max was the last person Maggie would have imagined turning to for support, let alone romance. Incredibly, the skeptical sergeant might just be the man of her dreams. But could he possibly save her from what she saw in them?





Two years ago Rowan McQuaid paid the ultimate price when he took a bullet meant for fellow cop, Jo Jellic, causing permanent damage to both himself and his career. Now Rowan had arrived in the town of Nicks Landing to investigate an insurance claim…and was standing face-to-face with the woman whose life he had never regretted saving.


In the time since he’d last seen her, Jo had gone from beautiful to stunning, making their professional relationship fraught with a powerful sizzling attraction. And as they tracked a criminal hell-bent on revenge, Rowan found himself struggling to keep his feelings under wraps and his passion for his partner from bursting into flames…


He looked big, bad and dangerous

But Ngaire Two Feathers McKay felt she had little to lose to a heartbreaker like Kel Jellic.

Kel had known her for trouble the first time he saw her. What he hadn’t known was how hard it would be to lie to this woman, to keep his cover…to not protect her with his life as danger threatened. He had to remember he had a job to do that didn’t involve falling for his target.

Travel from San Francisco to New Zealand where Maori artifacts can take on lives of their own…


Don’t look back

A harrowing kidnapping had taught Maria Costello to be on her guard and trust no one. So when gorgeous entrepreneur Franc Jellic caught her eye, she should have run for cover. Instead, she longed to lose herself in his masterful embrace.

She was the angel Franc had been looking for all his life. But someone was stalking Maria… someone he was determined to stop, even if he had to kill the devil himself.



Born to luxury and comfort, Chelsea Tedman never expected to be climbing Mount Everest. But her need to solve the mystery of her sister’s fatal fall on the mountain had Chelsea in Nepal, determined to climb the unforgiving terrain at all costs. She just needed a guide.

Mysterious as he was alluring, Kurt Jellic was the only man for the job, and all she had to do was convince him. But Chelsea didn’t know which was more difficult: Everest’s brutal climb or her irresistible attraction to Kurt. With danger so near, Chelsea could soon be victim to the mountain… and to her own passion.





After a long day, overworked designer Roxie Kincaid walked into the wrong apartment and suddenly had a gun at her head. A mistake that left her at the mercy of Mac McBride, a man she believed was at best a criminal – at worst, a terrorist negotiating and arms deal. But Mac saved her life by claiming her as his fiancé. As hostages to deadly arms dealers, with their every move caught on camera, their sexy performance to fool the enemy became a true-to-life passionate affair. And soon, they had to make the real choice between their love and securing a weapon that could hold the whole world at ransom…




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